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Tips on starting a new App Design project in XD

Desap Team Member

As an agency designer, it can be difficult dealing with a lot of app projects at once, so it’s important to keep organised and have a clear structure from the beginning of the process. At Desap, we like our team to share their pool of wisdom, to help develop and share skills.

Our new-starter Sandi, UI /UX Designer wanted to jump on and share her top tips on how to get started on a new project.

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Starting a new project is often hard.

Whether you are an experienced designer or working for a top app development agency, starting a new project can often be a frustrating and daunting process to all.

As modern designers, we tend to go to the moon with ideas, and when it comes to coming back down to earth, it can be an overwhelming process of where to begin, so let’s set some ground rules before take off!

In this blog, Sandi covers:

1. File Location

2. Finding Your Shade

3. Finding The Right Type…

4. All about the Grid…

5. Shortcuts


We’d like to thank our designer for sharing her top 5 tips. We hope you feel more relaxed about getting started on a new project.

For more tips and advice, please visit the full article here.

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