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Why designers should learn to code

Why designers should learn to code

Learning a new language can be daunting, especially when it comes to learning a new programming language. Designers are faced with new challenges constantly  keeping up to date with the latest design trends and learning new tools and techniques is an ongoing cycle. Yet for some of us, there seems to be something missing.

That something I believe is code. As product designers, we work closely with developers, and in some cases, we morph our understanding and techniques of design to better marry with similar principles of our coding partners.

Utilising these principles, in line with learning to code, can also be a benefit as we learn how applications are put together, which deepens our understanding further of how our designs are actually implemented.

Some other reasons I believe learning to code is as follows:

1. You’ll appreciate the programming aspect of product development more.

2. You’ll design tangible digital products.

3. Your overall design and file management will benefit.


Designers who know how to code as an attainable goal. More opportunities begin to open up, and a broader level of creativity will begin to unfold. The future looks good for those who can design and code.

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