Over the years Desap has endeavored to drive the mobile industry forward in a range of projects. We have extensive experience across multiple sectors, working alongside some of the world's most renowned brands.

We are experts in all areas

We take pride in building extraordinary apps that create value for clients and maximum user engagement. Desap have developed and managed more than a hundred mobile apps and digital projects. Our expertise is second to none in all areas ranging from medical to transport to telecoms. We have the know how. Take a look at our work below and delve into the projects to see the work that goes into making every Desap app.

Research & Innovation

Technology is characterised by competitiveness and fast-paced innovation cycles. Desap is one of the leading mobile app developers and we can help you respond to changing market conditions. We work closely with some of the top Universities in the United Kingdom to explore their mobile opportunities and develop innovative and exciting mobile solutions that will change the world and actively engage users for years to come.

Media & Entertainment

Desap have acquired real insight into the workflow and processes of the media & entertainment industry which has enabled us to offer mobile app based solutions at the forefront of digital innovation. We use the latest trends and technology to deliver entertainment to the consumer.

Property & Construction

Desap pride themselves in the development of innovation. We believe efficiency, safety and information drive the use of mobile technology to improve operational productivity, reduce risk and improve the quality of information for the property and construction industry.

Health & Pharmaceuticals

We develop practical and innovative clinically compliant mobile apps, integrated with medical devices to improve patient wellbeing and provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need. We work alongside leading healthcare providers to map out mobile health strategies and app designs. Our experience in this sector helps us keep our apps compliant, safe and secure.

Financial & Professional Services

The financial and professional industry is renowned for its complexity and competitiveness. The rapid growth of remote, connected, out of office working has opened up a diverse range of platforms for the industry. Desap is one of the leading mobile app developers in the financial services sector with a wealth of experience helping to streamline business processes and increase productivity.

Consumer & Retail

Rapidly changing technology and consumer adoption of mobile has resulted in the consumer and retail industries being at the forefront in mobile app solutions. Desap has extensive experience in developing market leading mobile solutions to increase consumer engagement and build brand loyalty.

Automotive & Transport

Desap are experts in identifying opportunities and developing innovative mobile applications to deliver process efficiencies and drive business intelligence for the automotive & transport industry. Our services can help to deal with capacity issues and reduce operational inefficiencies.


Desap are experts at integrating apps within the Telecoms industry. The emergence of smartphones and tablets in addition to Voice over IP (VOIP) technology has created a platform for Telecom operators and service providers to add to their portfolio as well as maximising their customer's satisfaction.

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