Blockchain Design and Development

Back To Solutions Blockchain Design and Development Blockchain technology is an exciting area of technology that has emerged and is gaining traction with application in various sectors. Its unique qualities like immutability, decentralization and security makes blockchain an extremely attractive technology option to implement among others Financial, Gaming, Voting and identification systems. At Desap, we […]


Back To Solutions Consultancy With our advisory services, we can help you implement software solutions that work to solve pertinent issues boosting your business perfomance. Our experts will walk with you every step of the way offering vital information to help avoid costly mistakes that are very common when companies are adoptiong new software systems […]

Hosting And Maintenance

Back To Solutions Hosting And Maintenance You dont have to worry about the nitty gritties of keeping your software up once its built with out friendly hosting packages. We take care of routine updates and provided 99.9% uptime so that you can rest assured your customers can always reach you. Our Hosting Services Hosting refers […]

App Development

Back To Solutions App Development We are proud to have developed a range of outstanding iPhone and Android Apps using Native and React Native technologies across a range of sectors to work across all smart device platforms. Why an app is a good idea Surveys have showed that more than 70% of CIOs consider a […]

Web Development

Back To Solutions Web Development We have developed fully responsive and visually stunning websites across a range of industries. Our team are skilled in a variety of development frameworks including HTML/CSS, React, Angular, and JavaScript. Why a website? Websites and web applications are at the centre of the internet utility. Almost any service and information […]

Resp Assist

Back To Case Studies Resp Assist Business Challenges An innovative technology to diagnose and treat respiratory problems in patients was launched and pioneered by the Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in partnership with Desap. Location :UK Project Type :Mobile App Development Industry :Healthcare Duration:2 years Technologies :Android – ios Technologies :Javascript, Swift, SQL, AWS Business […]


Back To Case Studies Eras+ Business Challenges Every year over 250,000 patients undergo major surgery in England and Wales. These patients are 30% more likely to suffer lung problems, resulting in increased length in hospital stay and reduced life expectancy. Location :UK Project Type :Mobile App Development Industry :Healthcare Duration:2 years Technologies :Android – ios […]

Major Incident App and CMS

Back To Case Studies Major Incident App and CMS Business Challenges MIA as a concept was invented by Dr Peter Hulme, A&E, Manchester Foundation Trust, and designed and developed by us in conjunction with medical professionals with first-hand major incident clinical experience. The app uses cutting edge technology to aid emergency readiness and benefit public […]

Transplant Alert App and CMS

Back To Case Studies Transplant Alert App and CMS Business Challenges TAA was designed in conjunction with medical professionals off the back of the idea for the Major Incident App as MFT found that it would utilise the same functionality and had very similar underlying principles. As with MIA the solution uses cutting edge technology […]

The Top 3 Features on iPhone 11 Pro (First Impressions)

  Back To Blog Technology Speed So let’s start with the main thing I’ve noticed in comparison with my iPhone XS Max…Speed. The difference may be small on the outside if you don’t physically own the phone, but with everyday usage, you can clearly see a difference in both the speed and performance thanks to […]