November 22, 2022

3 Things to Remember When Designing your Mobile App

When designing a new mobile app you want it to be unique, useful and useable all the while appealing to your target audience. 

At Desap Enterprises we embrace innovative ways to design mobile apps. We work diligently with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life in the best way possible. Three things we always recommend when it comes to designing mobile apps are…. 

#1 Keep It Simple

You may be tempted to design your app with all the intricate features and snazzy buttons in the world but you don’t need to. You should aim to create a mobile app with a simple UI so that first-time users can access it with ease and without having to spend time figuring out how to do things.

This doesn’t mean you have to create an app that looks boring or is minimalistic in design. You just have to be clever about designing it so there is a good balance between striking visual elements and engaging interactivity.

#2 Have a Responsive Design

You want your users to love your app so much they are using it on all their devices, don’t you? This is exactly why your app should be designed to be compatible with a number of different devices like laptops, mobile and tablet screens.

Unless your app is targeted specifically to a single platform, you need to ensure it’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

#3 Make It Visually Appealing

It’s important to engage your users via striking visual elements and intriguing visuals combined with a great colour palette. You want your app to complement your brand so pick colours that team up nicely with your website and social channels. This way you are creating a true and consistent brand presence that is easily recognisable.

When it comes to fonts, bear in mind that although stylish fonts can add some aesthetic value they are not always the easiest to read. You want your users to be able to read text on your app without any difficulty like having to zoom in or out. So picking a font that looks good while still being legible is vital for accessibility.

Finally, the main thing to always keep in mind throughout the design process is – THE USER! Through user testing and feedback, you will be able to ensure that your app aligns with your user’s expectations/needs. Without it, there’s no real way of determining whether you’re on the right track throughout the design and development process.
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