Business Challenges

MindMassage AKA the brainchild of Alex Golombeck, a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Hypnotherapist provides music and guided meditations to teach the skill of deep relaxation and to give you more control, to power the thoughts you want to have.

Location :UK
Project Type :Mobile App Development
Industry :Healthcare
Duration:2 years
Technologies :Android
Technologies :Visual Studio Code, React Native, JavaScript, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

MindMassage already had a substantial following through streaming sites such as Spotify and social media platforms such as Instagram. The next logical step in the business model was to provide these services directly; not only to increase the profit margin but also to fully personalise the end users experience. This is where Desap came in!

By his own admission, Alex had previously been working with another (which had initially seemed a more cost-effective option) app development company based in Ukraine. He was left out of pocket and without a working product so we immediately knew the importance of working very closely with him to deliver his vision and restore a foundation of trust and accountability.

Our Solution

Desap met with the client to refine the scope of the MVP (minimum viable product) and based on this devolved a full understanding of the requirements, target audience and overall vision. Desap produces a full proposal for every client detailing all elements of the project so both parties have a clear set of expectations.

The existing designs and branding created by the previous company, although incomplete, had a solid foundation and complemented the MindMassage social media branding etc. Rather than reinvent the wheel our design team thoughtfully re- worked, expanded upon and enhanced these designs whilst adding in lots of new and fundamental features.

As with most projects, the MVP changes and expands along the way and Desap’s approach to project managing your solution in an agile “flexible” method means we were able to efficiently adapt to new additions, features and content.

We worked at every level with the client on everything from copywriting content, the creation of legally binding documents such as T’s and C’s and Privacy Policies etc, and app store descriptions, to the setting up of the various accounts for testing and publishing on behalf of the client.

Desap always ensure clear sign off stages throughout the project and this app was no exception; it’s of paramount importance for both us and our clients to ensure a robust audit trail throughout the project lifecycle. One of the key parts of the process is the user acceptance testing stage; we published the MindMassage app to TestFlight (iOS) for the client and several

of his close contacts to allow a focus group to review the content, and test the features and functionality of the app during the latter stages of the development phase. For clients who prefer Android, we deliver the same high levels of service by sending a test APK,

A final sign off meeting after the TestFlight stage then took place to verify everything matched the client’s expectations.

When the development and testing stages were completed, the app moved into the deployment phase (this is the exciting bit where we submit your app to Apple and Google for review), once approved, the app is live and ready for all users to get going.

Pssst – it’s live now, so go on and download it now!!!!

Business Benefits

Because the app has direct in-app purchasing, this means the client gets the lion’s share of the profits (after Apple’s percentage has been deducted), this money is then being used in part to fund future phases and iterations of MindMassage.

The potential of this app is exponential and Desap are passionate about helping Alex and MindMassage to continue this journey of success.

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