Connecting Schools and Students with Tutors

Knektu connects Schools, Students and parents with qualified tutors all over the UK. With
enhanced technology to give you the perfect learning platform whether its whiteboard or
share screen function or our brilliant group lessons for classes of all sizes and budgets


Due to Covid and other global pandemics there was a need to provide additional tutoring to students and refugees. The idea for Knektu came to support the growing need for extra tuition for students who have been effected by these situations.


Create a platform that would connect Schools or students directly with tutors. Give tutors control of there availability and working schedule. Give flexible tuition from as little as 5 minutes perfect to suit any budget or support needs. Provide a platform that teach small or large groups up 100 people, giving as much chance for children to learn as possible, in all situations. Don’t need a full lesson, just need help with a question on your homework. Then Knektu has all the answers

Technologies we worked on

Planning & Strategy

Knektu was planned and managed via Agile methodology allowing continuous change to adapt to evolving requirements.


Turned it up should no valley cousin he. Speaking numerous ask did horrible packages set.


Using the latest design technologies we created clickable walk throughs to gain sign off to move in to development


Our developers then turned the designs in to both Mobile and Web builds. Using the latest in IOS/Android, front and backend development solutions.

School, Tutor and Student Apps

School Web Portal

With our school portal we give schools the ability to invite their students, Allocate funds to be spent on specific subjects or arrange the lessons directly for the students

Tutor Web Portal

With our tutor portal the control is in your hands, What you can teach, when you can teach the choice is yours. create your schedule for 121, or group lessons or just go online and start helping students right away. The more your tutor the more you earn

Student Web Portal

With our student portal its really simple, just register, Top up your wallet then find a tutor, Only need help with a question? You can request as little as 5 minutes or up to 1 hour with one of our tutors available online now or you can schedule 121 lessons. We also offer small all large group lessons tailored to suit all learning needs

Informal Consultation

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Frequently asked question

Knektu is a School Information Ecosystem (SIE) that provides a one stop for all tools, information and resources needed by all education stakeholders to realise world class learning

The Knektu SIE will have many tools that have common utilty within the education sector as well as new innovative ones. A few examples include; 

  • Online Tutoring platform
  • Open source resource repository
  • Various Stakeholders portals
  • Exams and quizes etc

Knektu platform is free to use but charges may apply if users choose to store their resources with the Knektu cloud. Additionally, Knektu will charge trasnactional fees in some cases for instance when a tutor uses Knektu to offer online lessons and get paid for it.

Knektu offer utility for many education sector stakeholders inlcuding and not limited to; Schools, Teachers, Pupils, Parents, Governors, Freelance Tutors etc.

Knektu SIE is a continously developing system with new features being released regulary. To know which aspects of the SIE are available for use and the timeline and roadmap of more feature please get in touch with our team

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