App Development

We are proud to have developed a range of outstanding iPhone and Android Apps using Native and React Native technologies across a range of sectors to work across all smart device platforms.
Mobile Apps
Why an app is a good idea

Surveys have showed that more than 70% of CIOs consider a mobile First approach to Digital Transformation. This is majorly fuelled by an emerging generation of customers who are comfortable with tech and a wider accessibility of internet on Mobile devices. Additionally, a large portion of the population including children own smartphones.

At Desap, we have worked on numerous App projects helping business and companies successfully launch their mobile apps. So why should you consider an app for your business?

1.      Convenience

Customers demand Flexibility as they interact with brands in an increasingly digitised world.  Mobile Apps therefore provide a unique opportunity for business to afford this convenience to their customers and in the process building customer loyalty

2.      Marketing

Mobiles apps are great enablers of Marketing efforts. They allow Business to reach their existing customers about new products and promotions via features like push notifications and in app messaging.  Additionally, Marketing Content can be tailored to a user’s behaviour within the app greatly increase return on the Ad spend and Sales conversions.

3.      Brand Awareness

Mobile push notifications are an excellent means to keep a business engaged with its clients.  Properly designed and configured notifications pushed in out in a manner that does not feel overbearing can help keep a business at the forefront of its customers minds

4.      Capture Customers Insights

A mobile app provides an excellent avenue to collect and analyse customer data. It can help a business gather insights on user behaviour, time spent on app, pages that a customer is viewing the most and more.  Analysis of this data can help a business identify areas too improve as well as target to achieve business goals

5.      Improve Customer service

With a mobile app, customers can easily reach out. They can have a easy to use FAQ and Help centre that improve customer satisfaction

Our Development process

Requirements Discovery and Proposal

We start by listening to your idea. Our business analysis team will be at hand to walk with you through the requirement discovery process. We will then use this information to put together a proposal detailing how we will deliver the app.


Our fantastic Creative Team will work with you on branding, style, and design (giving you a selection of options to choose from). They’ll then work this up into a full design prototype – just like the real thing, so you can see exactly what you are getting.


Once signed off, the designs are then passed over to our Development Team, where all the complex stuff happens to ensure the design, functionality and inner workings are fully harmonised.

We’ll provide you with a fully working prototype / TestFlight build of your solution that looks and feels like the finished article. You’ll be able to see your idea in action and give accurate feedback and results during user acceptance testing stages. Our Specialist QA Testing Team works closely with all departments to ensure excellence throughout the development lifecycle. They’ll be responsible for ensuring your solution supports the full user journey, matches perfectly with the agreed designs and requirements


Our testing process is at the heart of every project we undertake to ensure that your final solution works exactly as you intended. While Testing takes place continuously throughout the development phase, there will be a major sign off testing period at the end of development where the client is roped in as well to carry out their User Acceptance tests

Delivery and Hosting

Once we’ve gone through our last development iteration and made all our final tweaks, we’ll package and deliver your new app along with onboarding documents and training depending on your specific needs.


But our support doesn’t stop there – we offer bespoke aftercare packages to ensure you have all the help and guidance you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solution as you launch it with customers. This may include, Hosting, maintenance and customer support.