With our advisory services, we can help you implement software solutions that work to solve pertinent issues boosting your business perfomance. Our experts will walk with you every step of the way offering vital information to help avoid costly mistakes that are very common when companies are adoptiong new software systems

What's this about?

Newer technology that promises to be more efficient than existing ones continues to emerge every day, but adaption isn’t straightforward. Additionally, investing in new software and IT systems is not cheap. Whether the intention is to build custom software or source off the shelf ready software, the selection should meet expectations and realise a return on investment. All in all, software delivery can be a challenge as decisions from picking the right software partner or solution can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s where Desap comes in. Our software consultancy service allows you to have peace of mind throughout the procurement, delivery and deployment of your software and IT solution.

Our consultancy teams includes, developers, Network engineers and security experts ensuring all aspects of a software are covered. Our consultancy will help you;

1.      Get the software solution you need not the one you thought you needed

2.      Avoid misleading Sales reps who are only interested in the sale and not suitability of the solutions for your business

3.      Have your software deployed professionally and optimally

4.      Keep your implemented solutions up to date with our meticulous monitoring and support

5.      Customise and add functionality to help your solution grow with your business

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